9 Unique Outfit Ideas to Try for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and with Christmas comes lots of responsibilities and preparations to make. From decorating your house, choosing gifts for friends and family, planning parties and gatherings, to planning the perfect outfits for friends, family, and co-workers outings, there is a lot to do. Preplanning is always a great idea to avoid any mishap and hassle at the last hour.

Deciding the right outfits for your lunches, dinners, and get together can be overwhelming. After all, Christmas is all about looking festive and owning the stage at any event. Outfit ideas can vary from gathering to gathering; you can dress bling and glam completely or look chic and comfortable; nothing is wrong. You need to find the perfect dress that suits you and is suitable for the event you are planning to wear it to. 

There are endless varieties when choosing a dress. Velvet, suede, leather, denim, cashmere, corduroy, etc., the choice of material are so many, and all are perfect for the cold winters to keep you comfortably warm without losing on the style. Likewise, there are no boundaries to styling options. Let’s look at some of the best and unique outfit ideas you can try this Christmas and gain the limelight at every event:

Denim jacket:

Denim is usually considered casual and easy-to-wear attire. But what is wrong with pairing it with your dress for Christmas? After all, you are the one setting your rules! You can pair a lovely embroidered or floral denim jacket with your formal attire to get a smart casual look that will be just perfect for your family dinner. 

Denim jackets for men are also a great idea. Pair it with a neutral turtleneck, chinos, and boots, and you have the perfect festive look.

Sequins dress:

A sequins dress or top would be perfect for your New Year’s evening bash as it would add glamour and class to your appearance and make you look all dressed up. Pair your sequin dress with stockings and heels and a faux fur coat to achieve the perfect glam look.

If you want to tone down the bling but still look striking, pair it up with flared bottoms, a suede or leather jacket, and high-heeled ankle boots. You will get the ideal blend of glam, cozy, and comfort.

Red Sweater:

Do not underestimate the potential a simple red sweater has. Flaunt your red sweater by pairing it with a plaid or leather skirt with stockings. Take your look several notches up by accessorizing your dress with statement jewelry, cap, and boots. By pairing it right, a red sweater can be worn for all types of events. Depending on your preference, you can glam it up or keep it nice and comfortable. 

Drapey Midi Skirt:

If you are looking to pull out an outfit for a formal or casual business party, a drapey midi skirt would be a great choice. Choose it in some bold color and pair it with a dressy blouse, turtleneck, or a cropped sweater; you can further enhance it by choosing the right accessories like a dainty necklace, bracelet, and elegant pearl tops. High heels or Mary Janes will perfect the look.

Faux suede jacket:

Nothing comes before comfort! If you are not comfortable in a dress, you will miss out on all the fun. Who would want to miss out on the fun in a Christmas get-together? So ditch out the uncomfortable glamorous dresses and pair your comfortable and stylish turtleneck with matching bottoms and pump up the look with a contrasting faux suede jacket. You will get the perfect chic, classy yet comfortable outfit for your Christmas party. 

Oversize knitted sweater dress:

This Christmas, look unique and classy by opting for an oversized knitted sweater dress. You can never go wrong with an oversized sweater look. It is perfect for getting the glamorous, festive look you want without compromising comfort and warmth. You can pair it with thigh boots or tights and ankle boots for a smart look. Level up your look by accessorizing with statement jewelry. 

Plaid outfits:

Plaid and winter go hand in hand. A red plain skirt, pants, or jacket can never go wrong for a Christmas outfit. Women can pair a plaid skirt with turtlenecks or a formal blouse with tights or stockings to get a neat and impressive look. Ankle boots or wedges will complete the look.

Men can go for plaid suits or jackets paired with a black turtleneck and bottoms. Loafers will go perfect for this look. 

Layering up:

Winters are all about layering right! Layering is a great way to look great and add class and glamour to your attire. Men can layer an office shirt with a Christmas sweater and a blazer on top to get a classy and dashing look. Pair it with checkered formal pants and brogues to perfect the look.

Layering is an excellent idea for women’s outfits as well. Layer a stylish bomber jacket or cashmere shawl over a flowy dress to get the flawless elegance you are looking for to grab everyone’s attention at a party.

Play with colors:

Christmas does not mean that you can only wear red, green, and white as an outfit. They are great colors to go for, but for a unique look, play with colors and stand out in the crowd. Go for striking colors like coral blue and emerald green that will pop up on a gloomy white snowy day. You can even go all black to master an elegant and classy look. This goes for both men and women.


Christmas is all about enjoying, partying, celebrating, looking, and feeling good. For this very reason, you cannot ignore and miss out on your outfits. Plan your outfit so that you are clear of how you need to dress up. Stock up on some classical and unique pieces and pair them differently to get unique outfit ideas. You can also search your existing wardrobe and pull out some fantastic classical pieces to glam yourself up this Christmas.

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