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broken heart

The Survival Guide on How to Heal a Broken Heart

Relationships are complicated because people are complicated. We don’t always tell the truth, tell people how we really feel, or fully commit ourselves to our partner. Over time, those behaviors and others can be devastating for our partner, ourselves, and ultimately, be the end of our relationship. When your heart…
ending relationships

The Guide to Ending Relationships Gracefully

One of the most common reasons for ghosting in romantic and friendship relationships is due to a lack of knowledge about ending relationships gracefully and not wanting to hurt someone's feelings. The irony, of course, is it's far more humane to be honest with someone about how you feel. The…
Wellness Trends You Can't Miss this 2019, wellness trends

Wellness Trends You Can't Miss this 2019

In 2018 we were all about self-love and especially self-care. Working out became less about counting calories and more about mental health. So what's in store this 2019 when it comes to wellness trends? I guess only time will tell but here are the trends that some experts are predicting…
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