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The 2 Hottest Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Digital marketing trends evolve rapidly year on year, requiring all business owners to understand the trends to stay ahead of the game. Here are two of the hottest digital marketing trends professional marketers are spending their marketing budgets on in 2019. 1. Paid Display This ingenious digital marketing method recommends…
difficult people

5 Ways Successful People Handle Difficult People

You won't adore everyone your path crosses with in life; especially in the workplace. However, to become successful, it's essential to learn how to put personal differences aside and work with people you don't like. 5 Ways Successful People Handle Difficult People 1. Put personal feelings aside. Accept that no…
Change Your Mindset to Make Money, make money, forgive, money, positive money

Change Your Mindset to Make Money

Do you feel shame or fear around money? You're not alone. So many people these days are focusing on lack rather than abundance. If you've got a negative money mindset, that's not the way to go. JR and I are always talking about positivity and that relates to money as…
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