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Is Waist Long Hair the New Bob?

Is Waist-Length Hair the New Bob?

Long, shiny, waist-length hair has been around since the 70s. Cher, anyone? The Kardashians paved the way to bring this trend back. Think of Kim K's platinum blonde phase or Kylie's purple wig at the Met Gala. I'm a big fan of the long hair movement! I've kept my tresses…
Isotonix® Astaxanthin Available Now

Isotonix® Astaxanthin Available Now

Marc announced some exciting new products during #MAWC2020! We're so excited about one in particular! Isotonix® Astaxanthin ranks among the purest and most powerful antioxidants available, and we're so excited for you to reap the benefits of this product! Read on to learn more about Isotonix® Astaxanthin, which is available…
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