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Makeup Tips: Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Bag with Celebrity MUA, Jackie Gomez

Spring is here and that means spring cleaning! There’s no one I trust more than Jackie Gomez for advice surrounding all things makeup. She’s sharing below some tips that will surely help you tidy up and refresh your makeup bag and makeup vanity as we embark on this new season.

Whether a personal or a pro makeup kit, hygiene is of the utmost importance! Start with cleaning your makeup brushes.

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly. It is ideal to clean them between makeup applications with a brush spray cleaner. This will help prevent breakouts on the skin and when you use clean brushes, this will also allow the makeup pigment be its true color. You can deep clean your brushes twice a month with brush soap shampoo and rest the brushes to dry overnight. 

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips

If you are using a brush shampoo, getting a rubber mat with texture makes it easier on you as this helps clean the brushes more efficiently. You can swirl the brush, move it against the mat back and forth and rinse with warm water until makeup and soap are completely gone. If you have a brush cleaning spray, spray the product on a paper towel and swirl the brush until you see no makeup when you wipe it.

Cleaning your actual makeup products is also extremely important because you want to ensure that your makeup is sanitized between clients or between uses. I use a makeup sanitizer spray by Cinema Secrets to spritz on all my makeup. I use 70% – 90% alcohol to clean after sharpening eye pencils and lip pencils. Always clean eyelash curlers and even sharpeners as you don’t want to spread bacteria to clients or have a contaminated kit as this can damage your career. While these are some tips for my pros out there, this also applies to your personal kit.

How To Keep The Inside Of Your Makeup Bag Clean

For personal makeup bags/travel bags, take the essentials. My advice is no more than 10 products and buy travel-sized. This will help with having room in your bag. Here are my recommendations:

1) Foundation with SPF or Tinted Moisturizer

2) Concealer

3) Eyeliner

4) Mascara

5) Bronzer

6) Blush

7) Lip Liner

8) Lip Color

9) A Palette

I recommend a palette that can give you a few products in one package like the I Do Palette from Motives. With this palette, you get 5 eye colors, a bronzer, a blush, a highlighter, and an eye pencil. You can even get the Thalia X Motives BESOS Palette that offers 8 versatile eye shadows, 2 blushes, and 2 lip shades.

For Pro Makeup Artists, I recommend you get a makeup kit that has compartments where you can have 6 foundations from light to deep. 6 concealers from dark to deep, 4 pressed powders, 3 loose powders and 4 eye palettes with tons of different colors. Also, blush and contour palettes will help minimize the load and make it easy to move around. 

When Should We Replace Our Makeup Products?

The best practice is that most liquid and cream products like foundations and concealers should be replaced within 6 months to a year. Mascaras, gel liners, and liquid liners, in my opinion, should be replaced every 2 to 3 months. Any Kohl Eye Liner or Lip Pencil, in a year max. Powder products like pressed or loose have a longer shelf life 18 months to 24 months. Need a makeup refresh? Visit and explore!


The amazing team at Motives created this guide for you to access at any time:


I hope you enjoyed these spring cleaning tips. Remember that though we may get started in spring, these tips apply year-round! Happy spring cleaning to all.



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