6 Types of Bomber Jackets You’ll Love

The evolution has not stopped and so hasn’t the change and alteration in fashion, now and then. However, when we talk about outerwear or particularly jackets, hardly anything has changed. From women’s leather jacket to bomber jackets to biker jackets, all have been in fashion. Different looks can be seen on an everyday basis and that is how we are able to get inspired by  fashion. 

Bomber jackets, that were once known as flight jackets, were clothing pieces designed by the military for the pilots, during WWII. Gradually flight jackets evolved and turned into bomber jackets as bomber jackets are light in weight and keep pilots warm and comfortable. In no time, bomber jackets were seen in the fashion industry and soon people were seen wearing them on a daily basis. Now bomber jackets have become a must for everyone. Bomber jackets have not gone out of style and no one knows if they ever will. 

When we specifically talk about bomber jackets, you can find many different types of them. In the market, you can find suede, fleece, and leather bomber jackets for women. The bomber jacket is a piece of clothing that you can wear all year round, depending on the type of material. We are sure that no one wants to store away their bomber jacket once winter is over as it is a piece that works with every outfit and helps you elevate your look whenever you wear it. 

Classic Bomber Jacket In A Solid Color 

Classic bomber jackets are those which are lightweight and are known to be authentic yet the classic bomber jacket which you can wear all year round. If it is made out of real leather or other material then it is surely going to stop the wind from getting to you. Such bomber jackets sometimes have a cottony soft lining and ribbed cuffs, hem, and collars. It has several pockets like two zippers on the sleeves and two pocket zippers, one on each side. You can style this bomber jacket in any way you want and wear it casually, to a night party, or even business casual to the office as it is extremely comfortable. 

Floral Bomber Jacket 

Floral bomber jackets are stylish and give you pretty vibes at the same time. They are made up of polyester most of the time which is cool and really soft. The floral print can be seen on the complete bomber jacket leaving out the sleeves, hem and collar. The more colorful they are, the trendier and they stand out more. A floral bomber jacket is really eye-catching so you can wear a simple outfit underneath it. Go for your favorite jeans and a light-colored tee or tank top. You can also wear a single-colored outfit like white shorts and a t-shirt. 

Quilted Bomber Jacket 

Quilted bomber jackets are known to keep you warm and comfortable yet they are lightweight at the same time. The outside of the bomber is sometimes made out of polyester and nylon as well as leather, and has a ribbed hem, standing collar, and zipper pockets on the side. It is a great jacket to wear in winters, pair a nude glittery sweater to wear under it and blue skinny or mom jeans. It comes in both solid colors as well as contrasting colors. 

Fleece Bomber Jacket

Fleece is surely a material that will keep you warm in winter. It has an exterior and an interior made out of fleece, has two pockets, one on each side. A fleece bomber jacket is not enough if it is very cold and thus cannot be compared to a winter coat but it is great in the less cold temperatures. It is stretchy and soft and that is why it gives pure comfort. You can find these in solid colors mostly. Pair it  with jeans, turtle necks, and boots, it will make up a stylish outfit. 

Denim Bomber Jacket 

As suggested by the name, denim bomber jackets are made out of cotton denim material. It is known to be a style that is immersed between a denim jacket and bomber jacket. As it is not very warm, it can be worn all year round or in the winter you can layer it up or wear it under winter coats. Pair it classically, with mom jeans, ripped jeans, high-waisted jeans, or skinny jeans whichever suits your mood, if it is denim then the contrast would stand out.

Varsity Style Bomber Jacket 

Varsity-style bomber jackets are known to be one of the coolest college wear. It has a unique and trendy media style, apart from being highly attractive it is really warm too. It is made from polyester and has sleeves of faux fur. It has buttons or a zipper to close it. Two pockets can be found on either with ribbed hem, sleeves, and collar. It gives off an entirely sporty look. You can also find patches on it, mostly with the letter “L”. Varsity-style bomber jackets have started being customized in the way the customer wants, so it’s not necessary to have signature patches on them. 


Everyone would agree that it surely is a bomber paradise when you get to know about the different types of bomber jackets you can put your hands on. So now when we talk about bomber jackets, we also know that there are multiple types. People buy different ones and style them differently according to the occasion or the event. Style each one differently all the time and that is how you are never going to run out of new looks. 

You don’t have to be discouraged if you have worn your bomber jacket a lot of times, you can add another type of bomber jacket to your wardrobe and upgrade it. Different types of bomber jackets are suitable for different seasons and so, now you don’t have to go even a single day without wearing a bomber jacket.



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