Hit Refresh on Your Home this 2019, home decor, 2019 home decor, decor, 2019, design ideas

Hit Refresh on Your Home this 2019

The New Year is officially underway. I love it! One of my goals is to update my home. I wanted to share some of my 2019 ideas! Hit refresh on your home this year and get creative. Read on for some fun ideas inspired by Apartment Therapy! Mix Patterns and…
Amber Ridinger in Bella NYC, amber ridinger, amber, amber ridinger mclaughlin, hommes, lumiere de vie hommes

Amber Ridinger in Bella NYC

In honor of Bella New York's men's issue, the magazine featured Amber and her new Lumiere De Vie Hommes skincare range. Amber Ridinger in Bella NYC Amber brought up her inspiration behind the line during the interview. "Men’s skin care is now the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry,…
Make Money Your Honey This 2019, money, saving, saving this 2019, 2019, new year, resolution

Make Money Your Honey This 2019

Saving is easier than you think! If you're looking to make money your honey in 2019, then you're going to have to save, budget, and learn to create new streams of income. Where to begin? I'm going to show you how it's done so you can save those dollar signs…
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