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Men’s Health Month

Gentleman, June is Men’s Health Month and a great time to reassess your wellness routine. Are you moving enough? Are you staying hydrated? Are you supplementing? We’re so excited about our targeted men’s health products and think you will be too. After all, progress equals happiness, and feeling our best impacts every aspect of our lives. 


Prime Time Performance Formula for Men: for slowing metabolism and decreased libido, Prime Time’s herbal formula supports several mechanisms. These ingredients help to support normal levels of libido, energy, and erectile quality. We especially love this pick for the addition of Horny Goat Weed which helps address stress levels that are known to cause fatigue and decreased sex drive. 


Isotonix Sexual Health: a his & hers duo we love, Isotonix Sexual Health specifically targets concerns related to daily lives and sex drive. The combination of ingredients, including botanicals including, Fenugreek and Red Ginseng support a healthy libido, sexual wellness, and helps maintain normal sexual function. 


Prime Ultra Secretagogue – HGH Enhancer: with synergistic ingredients, these amino acids and nutrients boast a powerful secretagogue to effectively raise HGH levels. Prime Ultra Secretagogue works with the body to help produce HGH naturally, therefore driving the growth and development of the body. 


Prime Prostate Defense Formula: prostate health requires a powerful combination of scientifically proven ingredients to address the components that make up a healthy prostate and prostate function. Prime Prostate works to help maintain optimal prostate size and function and helps induce cell death in unhealthy cells plus antioxidant protection.  




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 



MAIC2022: Official Agenda

We’ve poured so much effort and energy into this year’s agenda at #MAIC2022 to ensure it’s the most impactful and empowering event we’ve ever hosted.

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