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Elevate Your Rooms for Summer

One of the many reasons we look forward to summer is the warm weather and the new opportunity to switch up our room decor. Not only is transitioning your decor from Spring to Summer exciting, it can be done in a cost efficient way. Check out some simple and easy ways you can elevate any room for the summer.


Don’t Be Afraid to Downsize

Use the transition from Spring to Summer to downsize. Continue your Spring cleaning by getting rid of decor that no longer serves you. Downsizing is the perfect way to open up additional space in your room. With this new found space you can add new furniture, create play space for kids, or just simply leave this new found space open for your enjoyment.  


Add More Whites

One simple way to lighten any room, other than downsizing, is to add more whites. In the summer, we naturally receive more sunlight which helps brighten and lighten any room.  One simple way you can continue to bring in an element of light and peace is with the color white! Here are a few simple white decor pieces to consider switching out to brighten any room.


  • End Table
  • Coffee Table
  • Dresser
  • Flower Pot
  • Curtains
  • Simple Rug


Add Flowers/ Change Flower Pots

We can’t forget about plants. Plants not only bring in an element of elegance to any room, they bountiful in the Spring/Summer. Depending on your budget you may want to consider fake plants vs real. Fake plants eliminate making sure the plant stays alive, especially if you don’t particularly have that “green thumb.” Real plants can help with purifying the air. They can help add dimension to any room simply by considering the size and location. Another component to consider is the size and color of your flower pot. Like I mentioned earlier, white can help add an airy natural element to your room. So make sure you are considering these 4 elements when you look to add plants to your summer decor.


  • Type of plant
  • Size of plant
  • Size of flower pot
  • Location you plan on putting your plant


When it comes to switching up your home decor this Spring, don’t be afraid to try new things! You never know how one simple decor change can change up your entire room.



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