Flora Melts Available Now!

Flora Melts Available Now!, flora melts, DNA miracles

When DNA Miracles introduced their new Flora Melts at MAWC 2019, I was ecstatic! Amber and Duane worked so hard to get these just right for you guys. I'm so proud. Great news! DNA Miracles® Flora Melts are now here!

Flora Melts are a delicious dietary supplement for children, delivering both probiotic and prebiotic support for digestive and immune health.* They provide a unique group of prebiotic functional starches paired with Lactospore®†, a probiotic for optimal digestive and intestinal microflora health in children and adults.*

Key Benefits of DNA Miracles® Flora Melts:

Supports a healthy microflora balance in the gastrointestinal tract

Supports immune, digestive and intestinal health

Promotes stomach comfort and bowel regularity

Supports healthy metabolism

May support healthy mineral absorption

Delicious, natural fruit flavor

No added sugar

Provides advantageous prebiotic and probiotic sources

Provides 1.5 billion CFU from LactoSpore

What Makes this Product Unique?

Our 3-in-1 delivery system is nothing short of amazing! For ages 2+ mix one pack into food or drink and for ages 4 to 101. Take one pack in food or drink! Because happy bellies make happy little miracles!