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Night Time Affirmations to Give You A Great Night’s Sleep

Night Time Affirmations to Give You A Great Night's Sleep, sleep, peaceful, night, sleep, doze, rest, affirmations

I’m a BIG believer in affirmations. Your thoughts become things, which means what you say to yourself can become the truth. I try to speak positively to myself. It helps during times where there are obstacles in my way, or I feel the need to change. A few nights ago, JR was having trouble sleeping. I told him to say some calming affirmations to help him out. Low and behold, it worked! He was out like a light sooner than expected. Here’s the thing with affirmations, you have to forget about them! Say them, forget them, and forget the problem. It takes some meditation to get you there, but I know you can do it! Read on for these helpful night time affirmations.

Night Time Affirmations to Give You A Great Night’s Sleep

  1. I am calm.
  2. I am peaceful
  3. I’ve done my best today
  4. I am grateful for this day and it’s opportunities
  5. I am proud of myself
  6. Everything I did today leads to a better tomorrow
  7. My heart is grateful
  8. My heart is pure
  9. My body is relaxed
  10. I am safe
  11. I am filled with content
  12. Tomorrow is a new day full of possibilities
  13. I feel grateful for my beautiful life.
  14. My mind is quiet
  15. I am ready for sleep now

Then you just dose off! Great, right? If you’re the type who ends up awake with a mind full of anxieties, these affirmations will help you through. In my experience, learning to use affirmations in the right way takes time so try not to be too overwhelmed at first. Sleep tight, readers!


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