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The Problem with Wanting More

The Problem with Wanting More, why, my why, life, work, gratitude

Picture this: you live in a great house, are dating the man of your dreams, living a fabulous life that anyone would be jealous of. But, you want more. More, more, more. When JR and I set out to create this company, we had big dreams and, sure every time we reach a peak, there was another one right in sight. It was amazing to reach so many goals and get exactly what we always wanted. That’s not the case for every success story.

The Problem with Wanting More

We’re always looking to reach the next level, but do we ever question why?

More is not always better– We dream of this big life, put all this effort into it just to end up at the same place. It’s been researched and studied time and time again. The reason why you aren’t getting anywhere is because you need to work in order to find that something that’s bigger than you and bigger than your happiness. That something is your “why.” Once you find that why, everything comes into place.

Self-improvement is great but- I’m big on self-development. JR and I started this company from a stand point of everyone doing better for themselves. Here’s the thing, self-improvement for the sake of self-improvement gets you nowhere. Improvement is not a problem. It’s the “why” that can be the problem. Is your “why” strong enough to get you through? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your why.

Make gratitude your hobby- The problem with more is that we’re just not living in the moment and feeling grateful for what’s already in front of us. Instead, we’re focusing on a future that we think will make us happy. Your problem isn’t that you’re not working hard enough or your dreams aren’t worth it. Your problem is failing to focus on the good in your life now. Don’t be blinded by more!


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