Reasons to Kick the Sugar Habit

Reasons-to-Kick-the-Sugar-Habit & How to Best Transition

Even on our finest days sometimes sugar cravings get the best of us. A simple glimpse of a sugary snack starts a chain reaction of practically irresistible cravings that can be pretty tough to combat. Even with the most dedicated will power, sugar cravings can send your whole nutritional plan into a tailspin – and no one wants to deal with that. Whether you’re trying to kick a small sugar habit or you have a massive sweet tooth that’s throwing your whole routine off kilter, eliminating excess sugar from your diet is a must. An abundance of sugar can cause all sorts of issues – from diabetes to obesity and can even contribute to high blood pressure. And, who wants that?

Reasons-to-Kick-the-Sugar-Habit & How to Best Transition

Not sure how to get started on kicking a sugar habit? Here’s a look at how you can best transition.

Understand where sugar in your diet is coming from. Check out the nutritional facts on any processed item you’re eating – and get the low down on what’s really in there. Sugar can be disguised as all sorts of things including: molasses, corn syrup, dextrose and honey – just to name a few. When in doubt, skip the processed item and go for a whole food.

Can’t live without something sweet? Try selecting something natural first, like a juicy piece of fruit. The natural sugar should help subside your craving, while also providing you with a heap of good stuff – like fiber, vitamins and minerals.

If you can’t skip the processed stuff all together – that’s OK – just look for the items that have the least amount of sugar. Spend some time in your local grocery market reading ingredients and selecting the best items for your nutritional plan.

Skip the sugar replacements. Some studies say that replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners actually makes you crave more sugar – rather than getting on that endless train, go for the real stuff in moderation. If you have to have a sugary snack, make it from scratch to skip out on all those excess ingredients.

Try using spices to help add some needed flavor to items where sugar might taste really good. For example, rather than adding brown sugar to your oatmeal, reach for the cinnamon and a sprinkle of crushed almonds.

Have you thought about or started cutting back on your sugar intake? Got any tips to share for someone just getting started?



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