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8 Signs You’re A Cancer

Born Between June 22- July 22


You’re Nurturing- Not only are you nurturing, but you have an inclination toward home life. You like you’re home and the people in it so you do your best to take care of them.

You’re Creative- You have a highly developed artistic side and know how to use it. It all depends on what you’re interested in. Photography, music, crafting, and design are all areas that you enjoy and excel in

You Value Tradition- You also value loyalty and are most likely patriotic. USA! USA! USA! Is your mantra, Cancer.

You’re Interested In History- Cultural endeavors also strike your fancy. A trip to a museum or a nice show make for your kind of weekend or day out. You also have a great memory, which helps you remember dates and historical facts.

You Aren’t Fond Of Criticism- You like to figure things out on your own so you don’t exactly take advice and criticism very well. You don’t like the feeling of not living up to others expectations so you sometimes lash out when you feel you’re being criticized.

You’re Also A Bit—Well, Crabby- When you feel uncomfortable or feel as though your being attacked, it’s easy for you to retreat into your thick shell. Your animal symbol is similar to your attitude sometimes.

You’re Intuitive- You pick up on things that others don’t notice. This is what makes you good at artistic and creative pursuits. You have a keen eye and notice things your friends don’t. You pick up on the unsaid.

You’re Sensitive- Despite your sometimes tough exterior, you tend to be the first to show some emotion. You cry during a sad movie and laugh when you feel good. You feel all the time and are ultra sensitive.


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