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Diaper Bags You’ll Actually Want to Wear

baby beau leather diaper bag

With Kim K’s second baby on the way, and Amber recently delivering precious Baby Ayva, I can’t help but have stylish momma’s on the brain – hence my roundup of trend-worthy diaper bags. Whether you have a baby on the way or you’re on the hunt for a diaper bag that actually fits all the essentials and looks good, finding the one feels like a dream. When it comes to mainstream diaper bags, many of them just don’t fit the bill for options for dad or simply don’t work with your sleek and work-ready outfits. From classic leather to something that looks just as cool as you feel, here’s a look at diaper bags you’ll actually want to wear (and, a few options for dad too).


A Few Stylish Diaper Bag Options

Tory Burch Lonnie Canvas Baby Bag

tory burch canvas diaper bag(Click here to shop)

Ober see Rio Diaper Bag Backpack with Detachable Cooler

diaper bag backpack(Click here to shop)

Dad Gear Diaper Messenger Bag

messenger bag diaper bag(Click to shop)

Navy Classic Diaper Bag

navy classic diaper bag(Click to shop)

Charlie Brown Diaper Bag

charlie brown diaper bag

(Click to shop)

Timi and Leslie Jessica Diaper Bag

timi and leslie diaper bag(Click to shop)

Kate Spade Nylon Stripe Stevie Baby Bag

kate spade diaper bag(Click to shop)

Baby Beau Eden Diaper Bagbaby beau leather diaper bag(Click to shop)

Which stylish diaper bag would be your pick?


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