My #28DAYSOFSKIN Product List

Starting my #28daysofskin journey by taking a “before” photo so I can always look back and evaluate my progress. I am really great about my Lumiere De Vie skincare routine! However, I need to be more consistent using the Super Créme for my dark spots and to help even out my tone. I will also be adding the LDV Brightening C-Serum nightly instead of just occasionally as I know how much both will help my skin improve dramatically.

Who’s starting with me? Share your journey with me and tell me what product you are adding to your routine. You can rewatch my announcement here and shop my product list below.

My Skincare Product List For #28DAYSOFSKIN

Lumière de Vie® Facial Cleanser – SHOP HERE

Lumière de Vie® Daily Brightening Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – SHOP HERE

Lumière de Vie® Brightening C-Serum – SHOP HERE

Lumière de Vie® Super Crème – SHOP HERE

Lumière de Vie® Retinol Crème – SHOP HERE

Lumière de Vie® Illuminating Fading Fluid – SHOP HERE

Lumière de Vie® Needle-Free Serum – SHOP HERE

Lumière de Vie® Rosé Refresher – SHOP HERE

Lumière de Vie® Rose Quartz Roller – SHOP HERE

Pentaxyl® – SHOP HERE

Don’t know where to start? Shop by your skin concern here.



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