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Meet My Hair Guru, Mylo

We’re celebrating #NationalHairDay with a guest contributor featuring the person I trust the most with my hair! Mylo has been with me for several years and has transformed my hair. He is extremely talented and well respected in the industry. He had an integral part when building our haircare line, Fixx and he’s always been a huge supporter of my companies. I asked Mylo to answer a few questions to give us some insight in his industry and most importantly to give us tips on how to keep our hair on point during these crazy times!


I am originally from Small town in Peru. I remember how at an early age, I started to notice, and fell in love, with the world of fashion. I knew this was the world I connected with, not so much as a designer, but rather as a hairstylist. I really started my professional career in New York City where I got to work for such iconic hairstylist in the business. I’ve always enjoyed enhancing women’s  beauty and confidence. And hair is one of the key elements for many women to feel beautiful and confident.  

A great, expensive dress that might be worn once, may make a woman feel great for a moment. But the dress always comes off.  The hair, however, stays and that’s why it is really important that special attention is given to it. Hair, as I like to say, is the best accessory.

Who are some influential people you’ve styled in the past?

One of the first celebs I worked with was Lisa Marie Presley. She was my lucky charm because after working for her, which was at the very beginning of my career, I got to work with many other amazing women such as Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria, Patty Hansen, Alexandra Richards, and many more celebrities as well as with other business men and women entrepreneurs from all over the world.

For me every client is special. They all have contributed, in many ways, to shape me as a hairstylist as well as a person.

What’s your favorite product from the Fixx line and why?

Every product in the line is just incredible, but my favorite is Fixx™ Argan Oil No Frizz.

It is a great product to keep the frizz away, protect your hair, and nourish it. It is an amazing product for both men and women.

What hair trend are you loving this year?

Long layers with soft angles around the face. And also shag cuts.

What are some tips you can give someone who can’t go to a salon right now but needs a major haircut?

Definitely to do deep conditioning in order to keep the hair healthy. If you have long hair, bring it all the way towards your forehead and make a ponytail. Then, with a pair of professional scissors, you can cut all the dry ends. I know it may be a little difficult to do now, but just try to be patient and follow these easy and helpful techniques that will keep your hair healthy until you can see your hairstylist.  

What are some tips you can give someone who is trying to grow stronger, healthier hair?

I always tell them to take their multi vitamins and to also add biotin and collagen to their diet.

Find good hair products that can keep your hair healthy such as a good conditioner and a great hair mask to use once a month. Also, use Sulfate free products. They are are the way to go!!

How did you meet Loren Ridinger? 

I met Loren through a friend of mine.  Loren’s personal assistant had given me a phone call, and I was working at the moment in Paris for ten days. When I got back, I called Loren’s assistant back and asked her if they still needed a hairstylist. She said yes and booked me for the next day. From that moment on, I’ve been working with Loren, JR and Amber.

What have you learned from Loren?

Loren is an incredible woman with an amazing heart,  but she also has a very strong personality that I absolutely admire, love, and respect. From her I have learned that everything is possible in life if you work hard for it and never give up. I learned that you never stop until it is exactly the way you dreamt it, the way you visioned it. I’ve learned that you never settle for less and that you can always exceed your expectations and the goals you have set for yourself.

The expression “The Sky is the Limit” really made sense to me once I got to see Loren’s drive, passion, and fierceness in everything she does.


Welcome to my world!

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