Skincare IS Self-Care

Perhaps the only thing we’ll all agree on during these trying times is that self-care has never been more essential!  As a lover of all things beauty and a total skincare junkie, I’ve always prioritized beauty from the inside out,  pairing my skin regimen with high-quality nutraceuticals.  And, as you all know, my goal is to share all of my tips and tricks with you – which is why I wanted to give you exclusive access to an incredible, educational event this weekend that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to evolve into the best version of YOU.

Truly living requires prioritizing your health and happiness. We are so proud to be able to source out best in class products not only in cosmetics and skincare, but in health and wellness. Custom curating regimens for our customers to truly embrace beauty from the inside out, is something we are so proud of and centered on.

This weekend, we will not only do a deeper dive into some of our new product launches for Lumiere de Vie, but perfectly pair skin essentials with targeted nutrition that will not only support and enhance your skin health, but also offer benefits like stronger immune function, more energy and protection from all the free radicals in the air (which cause aging both internally and externally!) Your skin is your largest organ and your body’s first line of defense – so it’s important to prioritize it!

For those of you that work in the beauty industry, it’s important for you to know that the sale of personal care products is growing and expected to reach $500 billion this year! Additionally, skincare accounts for 60% of the total profit in the beauty industry, and anti-aging products are the largest contributor to growth in product sales.

You also may find it interesting to know that what more than 80% of women agree on is that wearing makeup boosts their self-confidence with increased feelings of self-esteem, attitude and personality.  But what we may not think about is that it can also make you feel smarter! In a study carried out by researchers from Harvard Medical School, the “lipstick effect” proves that a boost in self-esteem can also boost cognitive abilities. Pair this with the fact that beauty is big business, and we all have the ability to not only look and feel our best,  but enhance our financial future. This is the reality of our Motives Mission Statement.

As a proud business owner with my company, it’s my mission to work alongside my family and my team to consistently launch products that are cutting-edge and backed by science.  So, it may come at no surprise that we decided to create exclusive formulas for products that offer not only anti-aging benefits, but are also infused with skin-loving nutritional ingredients! Leveraging some patented ingredients from our exclusive nutritional products and combining them into a cutting-edge skincare formulas, we’re so excited to announce a new duo of products that truly merge beauty from the inside out. Not to mention another new product that will support skin elasticity and firmness, while drenching your skin in moisture, that you will go absolutely crazy over!

And did you know that men (especially middle-aged dads) are demanding grooming products uniquely formulated and marketed to them? In fact, almost $7 billion was spent on this last year alone! So, we couldn’t be more excited for the new product launches we have for our Lumiere de Vie Hommes line, as they’ve been designed with our guys in mind 😉

As a product broker and independent business owners, we can customize a regimen that matches our customer’s needs and budget, as our products are designed to work synergistically together. So we hope to see you at our Product Symposium this weekend to help take your personal results to the next level, as well as continuing to be of service to your customers. If you find yourself wanting to partner with our company to be able to offer these exclusive-branded cutting-edge products to others, please reach out so we can have someone take you through the evaluation process.

Cheers to ending 2020 STRONG and healthier and happier than ever.



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