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How to Forgive Your Biggest Enemy, forgive, forgive your enemy, forgiveness, love, resentment

How to Forgive Your Biggest Enemy

Forgiveness is way more than saying sorry. It's no secret that forgiving someone is an uphill battle. But when you forgive, even your biggest enemy, you gain freedom. Letting go of that anger you feel toward someone else can feel impossible. It almost is, when you feel resentment for someone,…
kim Ashley

Happy Birthday, Kim Ashley!

I am beyond grateful to have a friend, sister, and Director of Motives like you in my life. You are such a wonderful woman, mother, and soul. Happy Birthday, Kim Ashley! Happy Birthday, Kim Ashley! Isn't Kimmie looking amazing?! Flawless beauty. You are an inspiration and a beautiful blessing to…
open to receiving, receiving, receive, open, openness

Are You Open to Receiving?

Everything is flowing in you and around you. Energy, love, abundance. How do we get more? We tend to stand in our own way! It seems silly, I know. If you want more, how and why in the world would you get in your own way? But really consider this,…
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