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The Money Mistake Women Are Making

Women are doing a lot to make their money work for them. In fact, according to Fidelity's 2018 Women and Investing Study, three-quarters of women had plans to make their money work harder within the next six months. Amazing, ladies! Let's take our financial freedom into our own hands. The…
jr Ridinger

JR Ridinger: Happy Birthday, Baby!

One of my greatest blessings in this life is to be Mrs. JR Ridinger. I could not have picked a more inspirational and incredible man to be my husband, father to Amber and Papa to our grandbabies. You are indeed one of a kind, complete with the most beautiful and…
eva Longoria

Happy Birthday, Eva Longoria!

Sending all of the love and birthday blessings to one of my oldest ride or dies today, Eva Longoria. Eva, you have been such a beautiful presence in my life, and it's been amazing watching how much the universe has blessed you this past year. Happy birthday, sis! I love…
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