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Dream Project: Our Fairytale Treehouse

Anyone who knows me and JR knows that everything we do is for our family. We are beyond grateful to have three such beautiful grandchildren in our lives. I feel blessed every single day that we reached a level of financial freedom that allows us to spend so much quality…

Why the Universe Despises Desperation

So, you met a guy and you can't stop thinking about him. Or maybe you found a recruit who you thought would make a killer addition to the team but they seem uninterested. You really want them to join so you may come off as a little—well, desperate. There are…
fat Joe

Happy Birthday, Fat Joe!

Sending all the birthday love and blessings to my brother, business partner, and one of favorite ride or dies! You truly are a blessing; an incredible business partner, a loyal friend, a wonderful husband, and a phenomenal father. Happy birthday, Fat Joe! We love you so, so much! I'm so…
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