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Layered Taking Over Taiwan Media

Amber and her luxury jewelry brand, Layered, have taken over Taiwan media! I am so beyond proud of her and her passion for connecting with people all around the world. Her mission for Layered is to celebrate the modern woman and all their layers. Through her efforts, Layered was featured in the Taiwan press and also in the 2021 Taipei Fashion Week in collaboration with Seivson designer Shen Ziqin. 

“Bold and fashionable with the ever-changing charm of LAYERED X Seivson, the strong aesthetic trend hits”

-Confluence News reporter Chen Shaohui/Taipei Report

Amber x Vogue Taiwan

Vogue is a publication that is held in very high regard globally. Most people would say it is the bible of the fashion world. Vogue Taiwan featured Amber and Layered in their October 2021 issue, where they highlight her as a businesswoman and the incredible brand she has created. Amber has always had a love for fashion and it is incredible to see her in Vogue. 

Click here for the Vogue Taiwan article. 

Amber x ELLE Taiwan

Elle is another incredible publication in the fashion world whose mission is to inspire women to explore and celebrate style in all aspects of their lives. A mission that Amber resonates with immensely. Layered has collaborated with ELLE Taiwan for an exclusive line, only for our Taiwan market! Layered x ELLE Resort Collection is the first of many exclusive lines to celebrate the modern women in Taiwan and all their layers. 

Click here to learn more about Layered x ELLE Resort Collection.

Click here to shop Layered x ELLE Resort Collection.

Here’s an interview with Amber with ELLE: 

ELLE: What excites you most about this collaboration?

Amber: For me, this collaboration with ELLE is a very special experience. I also personally hand-drew some of these designs to create unique items that will not be found elsewhere. I hope that through these designs, I can not only share a part of myself with ELLE in Taiwan, but also want to see how everyone will accessorize their Layered x ELLE styles. Just imagine how everyone can show their changeable creativity through different combinations. Looking forward to it very much.

ELLE: This year ELLE Taiwan celebrates its 30th anniversary. Our hashtag is #readyforanything. What do you think Layered x ELLE is ready to do?

Amber: It’s a great honor to celebrate the 30th anniversary with ELLE Taiwan! There is no better time to launch the Layered x ELLE Resort Collection to celebrate this important milestone together. No one is immune, everyone is living under the tension and pressure caused by the epidemic, and the first five items of the collection are designed to bring excitement to everyone and to look forward to the upcoming things.

When the world is more open to travel, I want to create something to encourage people who spend a long time at home or who are experiencing difficult times. Through the various changes in the past year and a half, creating small fortunes, excitement in life, restoring everything in daily life, and even maintaining a sense of optimism and freedom, are all the light I look forward to give through this collaboration. I hope that in my well-designed Resort series, I will sincerely let you feel that you are ready to welcome everything.

ELLE: What is the design concept of the Layered x ELLE series? Which style do you like best?

Amber: When I am traveling, I like to choose carefully and bring beautiful and well-matched accessories. In my opinion, accessories can not only show personality, but also add the finishing touch to your outfit. Therefore, it is very important to choose different accessories for different occasions, especially to make each item worn separately or layered with other styles. And my favorite item in this series is definitely Mykonos necklace. It is such a unique style. I like that it can be worn alone to create a simple and elegant look, or mixed and matched with Marrakesh to easily show its unique charm.

ELLE: The Layered x ELLE collaboration series launched a total of 5 beautiful items. How would you wear these items on special occasions or in your daily life?

Amber: In fact, this series is very suitable for wearing alone or layered. Just like a single product can transform many shapes and create different atmospheres, it all depends on how you mix and match. As far as I am concerned, I often decide how to wear light jewelry based on mood and feeling. After all, multi-layer matching is a way to express myself and my personality, so I am not limited to any single style. This is the exciting part of it! I get to mix it up every day and it makes life more interesting.

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Amber, I am so proud of you and Layered. You are such an inspiration to women all over the world. I cannot wait to see where you are featured next!



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