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MAIC 2021 Day 3 Recap

I can’t believe day 3 of MAIC has come to a close. The next chapter for you and Market America is brighter than ever before. Make sure to really take in everything you learned this MAIC and apply it in the upcoming season. I want you to see how far you’ve come by our next hoorah at MAWC 2022 taking place in Ft. Lauderdale February 24th-26th 2022.

Steve Ashley opened up Day 3 with the biggest announcement and revealed that SHOP.COM will now be offering Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other cryptocurrencies through BitPay. Steve has worked day and night to make this happen and it’s truly an excellent start to our company’s next chapter.

It wouldn’t be a proper closing day without JR’s famous final words. He left our MA family feeling empowered and inspired more than ever before. “You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. Just try it!”

We held an award ceremony for our well-deserving UnFranchise owners who have gone above and beyond in their respective categories. Hard work truly pays off.

After the close, we hosted an epic celebration that was filled with musical performances by my brother Fat Joe and beats by DJ Nasty. I even joined the musical lineup with a performance alongside a wonderful band led by Dennis Franks.

Experience the recap below!

Market America is built on people power, the most powerful energy in the world. We have so much left to give you and you can only experience this if you join us for our next event. See you at MAWC 2022!


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