This is Why You’re Ikea Obsessed

This is Why You're Ikea Obsessed

CNBC’s YouTube page, “CNBC Make It,” offers viewers a chance to get smarter around the way they make money. They also look into the way giant corporations and companies came to be, while how others rose and fell into oblivion (anyone remember American Apparel?). It’s an interesting channel that offers a lot of money-making and business insight. I was scouring the page when I found a video on one of my favorite stores, Ikea called “Why You Spend So Much Money at Ikea.” It turns out; there’s a reason why people love Ikea, and it goes way beyond having great products. Ikea understands the psychological reasons why people shop the way they do it and uses that to their advantage. Read on to learn why you’re so Ikea obsessed.

This is Why You’re Ikea Obsessed

Price Point- Shopping at Ikea means you’re going to get simple, affordable furniture that you can assemble at home. When you’re moving into your first apartment, getting some simple Ikea furniture will save you a lot in the long run. Their prices may be affordable but they also have great designs helping you to make your decision along the way a lot easier.

Design- The store’s design also helps set itself apart. The winding aisles are meant to make you stop and shop. Have you ever tried to get through the showcase section of the store quickly? Sorry, but it’s just not possible. You’re almost forced to stop and look around. The store also places plenty of mirrors around their show rooms to play to the narcissist in each of us while making us imagine what our lives would be like if we lived in an Ikea living room.

Cafe- Shopping is tiring—especially when you’re in a giant store like Ikea. Take a break and stop by Ikea’s cafe, conveniently located in the middle of the store. This brings a sense of comfort to shoppers, plus it doesn’t hurt that the store has some cult-favorite items on the menu.

Ikea is a store like no other, which is why it’s so successful. Watch the full video below to find out why you’re so Ikea obsessed.



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