Make Money Your Honey This 2019

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Saving is easier than you think! If you’re looking to make money your honey in 2019, then you’re going to have to save, budget, and learn to create new streams of income. Where to begin? I’m going to show you how it’s done so you can save those dollar signs for whatever it is you want. While you’re working on your business, remember these tips. Scroll below for more!

Use Technology- Apps like Qapital round up your pennies everytime you make a purchase making you save a little extra money every time you save! You can also try an app like Acorn which does the same thing but uses the money you save to invest in the stock market. These are just a few great money saving apps to look into.

Pay Yourself First- Before you put money into your rent, utilities, food, etc. be sure to save 10% of every check you make into your bank account. Set this money aside and don’t touch it. This is a great way to save a little extra capital every time you make money.

Keep Your Money in Different Places- If you have your money in different places, then you have a better chance of not dipping into your cash. Set aside your money for yourself for the week and everything you need- including entertainment and going out!

Minimalism- Get rid of all the clutter you don’t need. Stick to the stuff that truly brings you joy. Doing this will show the universe what you truly want in this life and will bring you more of it!

These are just a few of my money saving tips. Stick around this 2019 for more!



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