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The Guide to Ending Relationships Gracefully

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One of the most common reasons for ghosting in romantic and friendship relationships is due to a lack of knowledge about ending relationships gracefully and not wanting to hurt someone's feelings. The irony, of course, is it's far more humane to be honest with someone about how you feel.

The Guide to Ending Relationships Gracefully
Connecting with Others

In our lifetime, we will only feel a deep connection with a small number of people. The problem, of course, is when someone feels their energy connect with another person, but that feeling isn't returned. Unrequited love can leave the sufferer questioning their self-worth and not feeling good enough. Where as actually, their two energies just weren't compatible.

When someone knows how much the person they're dating likes them, they often continue dating them in an effort not to hurt the person and hoping they'll eventually feel the connection. This modern dating scenario can be devastating for the person who falls in love with someone who doesn't feel the connection in return and will ultimately end with a broken heart or an unhealthy relationship.

Ending Relationships Gracefully

Firstly, let go of taking responsibility for someone else's feelings. Speak your truth about how you feel. It's kinder to tell someone you just don't feel like your energies align and the connection isn't there rather than keeping leading them on or stopping communication abruptly without reason leaving them wondering what they did wrong.

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