10 Ways to Grow Your Online Content

Maintaining your social networks can be a full time job. They say social media never sleeps and it’s totally true; keeping your content alive and fresh requires constant monitoring and endless creativity! One of the biggest challenges in social media is coming up with new and interesting updates for your readers. Here’s the scoop on 10 ways to grow your online content (and keep it fun!).

10 Ways to Grow Your Online Content

  1. Turn your content into lists (like this one!). Sounds boring, but readers love it! They can scan quickly and cram in a lot of info, fast.
  2. Compile inspirational quotes.
  3. Try content curation. Have you read an article you LOVE and want to share with your readers? Do it. Tell them what you liked and why, then share the full article.
  4. Know how to do something totally cool? Write how-to posts.
  5. Share breaking news with your readers.
  6. Do research on trending topics and turn the information in a fun read.
  7. Create videos.
  8. Use infographics to explain a point. Infographics break complex info down into a very comprehensible and fun reading experience.
  9. Share images and photographs. (Readers LOVE this!)
  10. Think negative. Sounds like a bummer, I know. But you’d be surprised how much your readers will love it. For example, 10 Ways to Stunt Your Online Content Growth (you’d totally read that, wouldn’t you?)

Do you have any secrets for growing your online content? Please share!



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