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Affirmations to Help Build Your Confidence

I am a confident and strong woman, but becoming the me that I am today has been an on-going process. I've had to work hard on myself to get to where I am today. One thing that has helped me is positive affirmations. I believe that affirmations can change you…

7 of Elizabeth Taylor's Most Famous Quotes

Since her passing in 2011, the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor would have been 82 today; the actress lived an extraordinary life and is an icon all over the world. To celebrate her memory I'm sharing seven of her most famous quotes on life, love and of course… diamonds :) xo 7…

Getting Married? 10 Quotes to Take to Heart

Whether you're engaged, married for ten days, ten months or ten years, reflecting on your relationship with quotes about marriage is always a good idea! Read on for a few of my favorite marriage advice quotes and share your own in the comments. xox Getting Married? 10 Quotes to Take…
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