Product Spotlight: Motives® Essential Brow Kit

Today's product spotlight is all about the brows. Our Motives® Essential Brow Kit is all you need for defined face-shaping brows. Our easy-to-use kit makes having stunning brows a breeze. Read on for more details on this incredible product. A complete kit for expertly shaping, grooming and defining your brows.…
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Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Have you recently started a blog or have you been thinking it’s time to start one? Having a blog is truly a labor of love – it takes lots of time and commitment to see results, but when you do it’s so rewarding. You have the chance to build a…
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3 New Ways to Promote Your Blog Post

You’ve been promoting your blog posts all over social media. You’ve even been doing all the right SEO requirements, but the same old numbers keep popping up and your viewership is at a standstill. What gives? It’s all about getting creative and trying something new. Below, I’ve got some ways…
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