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Tips For Planning A Safe Staycation

If you know us you know we love to travel! I miss rushing to the airport with pre-vacation jitters and planning an epic itinerary for the whole family. Who knows when we will all feel comfortable and confident traveling to far destinations again. We all needed a mini escape and decided to go to the Bahamas for Fourth of July weekend! We had an amazing time at our house in Cat Cay with the Floyds. Sometimes you just need a little sunshine to reset your mind and body. Safety comes first and the levels of comfortability with traveling right now are different for everyone. I wanted to share a few tips for planning the perfect staycation for when you’re ready to travel.

#1 Stay Close To Home

I would recommend traveling somewhere only a few hours away by car or boat. With guidelines and restrictions changing daily, this gives you the flexibility to come home ASAP if need be.

#2 Go With The Flow

How many times have you made a dinner reservation to then have to cancel hours later because new guidelines were announced? Ditch your perfect itinerary and give your body what it needs when it needs it. You’re probably keeping the trip short so no need to pack your weekend with a full schedule. 

#3 Keep Working If You Need To

Most of the world is working remotely right now so if your job is flexible with location, no need to request vacation days. Don’t abuse this because nobody likes the slacker of the team! Stay connected, be responsible and enjoy best of both worlds. If you’re traveling to a place with bad service make sure you plan ahead with paying for extra signal, a hot spot, etc.

#4 BYO – Everything

Don’t rely on where you’re staying for free items or amenities. Bring your own sunscreen, magazines/books, cups/tumbler, towels, pool floats and portable speaker. Most hotels have limited the amenities they’d regularly offer and let’s be honest… you know what you bring is cleaner. 

I hope you enjoy your future staycation and stay safe! XO



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