Beauty With Benefits Recap + New Products Coming Soon!

Hi my loves! First off, thank you to everyone who joined today’s LIVE with Motives. We talked about our growing business, upcoming company events, new products, industry tips and more. I definitely miss interacting in person and catching up with my people. We had viewers from Canada, Malaysia, New York, Florida, Maine and many other places around the globe that tuned-in. I’m still reading all of your comments and responding to your questions! So many of you have commented that I inspire you yet little do you know how much you all inspire me. Seeing you thrive everyday is what motivates me to show up for myself. I hope my chat today with Lisa and Leigh gave you the extra motivation to start this second half of the year strong.

#BeautyWithBenefits Highlights & Takeaways

  • Keep your craft on point and put on makeup to empower YOU
  • Lumière De Vie Lumi Sticks have become my best friend during self-quarantine. They add just enough to feel confident without wearing too much makeup at home. SHOP HERE.
  • Now is the time to keep learning, joining these sessions and engaging with your business. If you still want to be a beauty-preneur, START NOW.
  • We all need to learn technology and social media for long-term success. If it wasn’t for platforms like Facebook and Zoom connecting would be near to impossible.
  • Motives and other Market America | SHOP.COM brands continue to step up their game with creating product with real benefits.
  • This business was a lot of peoples “plan b” but now it has become their “plan a.” 
  • Self-love is so important. You can’t be everything for everyone until you get yourself in check. 
  • It’s not just about what you love, it’s about what other people love. Don’t be afraid to learn about a new product or industry.

Still reading? I’m glad you are because I also teased amazing products coming VERY SOON. You're all going to love the new products perfect for sun protection (*hint hint* SPF 50), luxurious eye patches and 60+ pretties coming to Layered. We have tons more in the works but you'll have to wait for more sneak peeks!

If you want to continue learning or start in this business I suggest you register for the upcoming events hosted by the amazing Motives team! Also, there's a great opportunity to learn from the pros this weekend during the Virtual Summit. Click here for more information.

You can replay the LIVE and write me a comment on Facebook if you have more questions! Chat soon. XO

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