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6 Things to Do Before Your 30s – Travel Edition

Let’s be honest – in the early 20s, no one thought about things like ‘What have I accomplished in the last couple of years?’ or ‘What do I want to do in the near future?’ Instead, people devote their full attention to things like relationships, university, or work. Before they know it, they’re about to hit their 30s, regretting they didn’t do more fun things when they had a chance. However, it’s not too late.

If you’re about to leave your 20s behind and dive into your 30s, this list is for you. Here are six things you should do before you hit that magic number 30, travel edition. So, let’s just get into it.

Travel to an Exotic Location

If the only time you travel is during school holidays or when there’s a vacation, you’re missing out on a whole new world of opportunities. You need to get out of your comfort zone and visit places that are a little bit different from the city or town you live in. Whether it’s a trip to Asia, Africa, South America or something extreme like Svalbard trips, make sure it pushes you outside of your comfort zone. And if you can’t afford that international trip, there are plenty of other options, such as traveling to a neighbouring country.

Stay with Local People

Staying with a local family is the best way to experience a culture. Not only will you be staying in a charming place, but you’ll also be able to talk to your host about their traditions and lifestyle. Many travellers believe that staying with locals is the best way to get to know a country – because they don’t have a filter. They’ll tell you everything they know, providing you with the most authentic experience.

Try Solo Travel

Traveling by yourself is the best way to experience things at your own pace and do whatever you want. Maybe you’ll decide to spend a day in the park relaxing, or perhaps you’ll choose to climb that huge mountain that’s right behind your guesthouse. The choice is yours. This is also a great opportunity for self-reflection and understanding who you really are. So take advantage of it!

Join Couch Surfing

This traveling website is perfect for people who want to meet locals and learn about foreign cultures without spending a lot of money. With CouchSurfing, you can stay with locals all over the world, usually for free or very cheaply. You will also meet other travelers from around the globe, which will help you understand more of what life is like in other countries and cultures.

Try Local Food

Instead of eating at McDonald’s and KFC all the time, try typical food from different countries and cultures. It’s best to eat as much as possible when visiting a particular place because it helps you understand the culture better and shows you what people really eat there. There are tons of great food blog websites where you can find local food recommendations from around the world, so take advantage of them. However, you can also just follow your nose whenever you’re in a foreign country.

Create Your Bucket List

Now is the time to make your travel bucket list! It’s a great way to define your dreams and keep yourself accountable! This list doesn’t necessarily have to include ordinary things. The point is that you should write down the exciting things you want to accomplish before you hit the big 3-0. Don’t just put down things like getting married, buying a car and getting a degree because those are things that will happen naturally as you grow older.

However, your travel dreams can be a great inspiration for you and whatever you do later in your life. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are – just write them down! Keep your list somewhere safe and think about it every day to remind yourself what you want to achieve in your life. But don’t just look at it – start actively trying to do the things you wrote about.

The Bottom Line

Remember that 30 is just a number. There’s no need to rush things. However, if you do these things before the big 3-0, you’ll be happy with yourself for having accomplished something in your 20s. Not only that, but you’ll be able to travel around the world and experience so much more than people who stay in their hometowns. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore the beauty of the world we live in and develop as a person.

As the pandemic-related restrictions start to loosen up, consider packing your things and hitting the road. You don’t have to travel far or engage in dangerous activities, but don’t be afraid to go on a great adventure. Maybe you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!



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