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How to Choose a Domain Name

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to start that business you’ve been dreaming about. It’s now time to get online, and you need to start by setting up your domain name. This is your online address where your visitors will be able to find you. Choosing the right domain name might sound trivial. But, when done right, it can benefit your business and branding strategy. Having said that, here are some tips you can use to help you select a perfect domain name for your business.

Look for the Right Domain Name Extension

The most popular domain name extension is “.com” because it’s often easy to remember. There are several other options that you can try out. Examples include “.net” and “.org” among many others. You need to look at the nature of your business and consider the extension that will work best for you.

Include Keywords That are Unique to Your Site

The reason why keywords are so effective is that they help your site rank. When choosing a domain name, including unique keywords is a smart strategy. It helps with SEO which is something you must work on if you want to attract more people to your site. Make use of keywords that represent the kind of content you are sharing on your site. This depends on the type of business you are starting. Make sure that the keywords used aren’t random words that have nothing to do with your business.

Pick Something Easy to Remember

Having an online business means you’ll be sharing your digital address with people a lot. It’s a good idea to avoid hyphens and numbers in your domain name as much as possible. Choose a name someone can quickly type into their search engine to find you. You can test the names you’re considering by sharing them with friends and colleagues. Sample it with a few people and get some feedback first before buying the domain name.

Pick Easy to Pronounce

You should also remember that some people will share your domain with others by word of mouth. This means that they need to be able to pronounce it with ease. Hence, consider something that has a ring to it. But more than that, a name that easily rolls off the tip of your tongue.

Consider Using Your Name

If you are trying to build a personal brand, you should consider using your name. This is a better idea than going with something entirely different. It’s best to go with both your first and last name. If you are in a certain line of work, you can also merge your name to the industry. For example, if your name is Jessica, you could use “” as your domain name. This makes it easy for people to remember your brand and have an idea of what the business is about also.

Research on Trademarks

You don’t want to start your business with lawsuits. Certain names may already have a trademark. This means that a certain person or business already reserved the right to use that phrase or name. It’s a good idea to take your time to learn such information. That way you can avoid any legal issues or having to pick a new name all over again.

Pick Something Brandable

You should also think about your long-term success. Remember, you want something that people trust and recall with ease. A brandable domain name doesn’t have to be a real word. It can be something you made up. But the name needs to have a ring to it. If you intend on branding your domain name in the future avoid stuffing it with generic keywords.

Compare Domain Name Providers

When it comes time to make the purchase you may want to compare different domain name providers. As a startup, it’s important to save any amount of money where you can. Some domain name services are far more expensive compared to others. Some may give you a discount on your first year. Do your research on the various providers to find out which company has the most value to offer.

Pricing isn’t the only thing you should look at during your process of comparison. Take time to find out about customer support, email services, and methods of payment. Also, try to see whether they have everything you need in one place. If you’re the type of person who isn’t tech-savvy, you may want to build your website with the same company. This way you can avoid having to mess around with domain name server connections.

Consider Expansion

When buying your domain name consider whether you may want to expand your business. You may need different domain extensions or subdomains. For example, you may start as a consultant and later venture into creating an online academy. It’s a good idea to book at least one other extension or subdomain to later expand your business.

Taking Action

As much as you’d like to get the perfect name, it’s important to have fun with it. Don’t spend forever picking a name and fail to start the business. Remember, a successful business starts with taking action. If you’re afraid you don’t have the creativity it takes to pick the right name, don’t worry. Consider using a domain name generator to make your work easy.


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