Spotlight on Natural Ingredients: Hair Vitamins


Guest Blogger:  Marcela de Vivo |

It is not only women who desire healthy, shiny hair, but men also take pride in having a nice head of hair. Hair is an extension of your body and your personality, and it is a symbol of good health, sexuality, beauty and status. With natural and organic products in the forefront, from organic foods to green cleaning products, hair is no exception. Scientific studies have shown that good quality, healthy hair benefits from proper vitamins and nutrients.


The hair follicle, which connects to the scalp, carries the nutrients from your system, into the hair shaft, out to the tips. So what you put in your body has just as much impact on your hair as what you put on your hair. There are many ways to improve the condition of your hair, from both inside and out, using natural products. By using natural, real and organic products vitamins can be absorbed into the hair. By using these natural ingredients you skip the harsh and abrasive chemical treatment that results from so many of the commercial hair products.

Each strand of hair is like a sponge. It absorbs everything that is put on it, from shampoo to conditioner, other hair solutions, dyes and even bleaches. By taking vitamins that strengthen hair, you are taking positive steps toward improving the health and condition of your hair. Working from the inside out not only produces shiny hair, but the nutrients benefit your entire body.

Here are significant vitamins that have been found to benefit hair growth:

•    Vitamin B, or Biotin
•    Vitamin B-5, Panthenol
•    Antioxidants are good for hair – Vitamins C,E,A
•    Amino-acids, which are protein

For a natural hair conditioner, you don’t have to go any further than your kitchen. Olive oil makes an enriching deep conditioner. Take ¼ cup olive oil and warm it in the microwave. Pour the oil directly over the head, and let it saturate the hair follicles completely for five minutes. Wash your hair and rinse with very warm water. The result is bouncy soft hair with no split ends. Natural ingredients and hair vitamins are a positive solution to having exceptional-looking hair everyday.



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