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How to Write Valuable Content


The main goal when writing valuable content for a website or blog is sharing information and increasing the number of visitors to your page. Finding that sweet spot your readers will enjoy is actually easier than you might think! By writing valuable content, you create a space where your followers can come to find inspiration, answers and ideas – and when you hit the nail on the head, your readers will actually share that content. When your content is shared, the visits to your page increase – it’s a very predictable (and fun!) cycle.


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Get more people to read your content

There’s a little bit of science behind how to write valuable content and it all really starts with a good brainstorm. By thinking strategically about what your readers will actually use and enjoy, you’ll be seen as a thought leader and a source of inspiration. Try relating the content to your business somewhat indirectly. If your business has something to do with food, for example, share delicious family recipes or special cocktails that your readers can try at home and get excited about. Make sense?

Writing valuable content means giving your readers a take away. Things like a recipe, a coupon, beauty tips (you get the gist!) are sharable and that’s exactly how you can create value.


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