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3 Clear Signs an Ex-Loved One Is Haunting You


Ghosting describes the process of someone suddenly disappearing from your life and not responding to calls or texts anymore. The new dating phenomena, haunting, is a variation of ghosting. Haunting describes when the person who ghosted you pops in and out of your life like a ghost haunting you. The ‘ghoster’ continues indirect contact with you by liking your posts on social media or watching your Stories without making contact.

3 Clear Signs an Ex-Loved One Is Haunting You


In simple terms, haunting is a way an ex-crush, ex-friend, or ex-partner can watch what you’re up to either out of curiosity or jealousy, because they miss you, or simply because they’re just bored. It’s a way of lingering in your life without having to engage in direct communication; like respond to those texts they entirely ignored. For the more manipulative and controlling personalities that live among us, haunting could be a psychological trick. Haunting is a way to remind you of their existence and make it harder for you to move on. It could also be an olive branch – their way to try and rekindle contact with you hoping that you reach out to them. Here are 3 clear signs someone is haunting you:

#1. They watch your Stories.

Watching your Stories is the most popular form of haunting. It’s an effortless way to reach out to you indirectly because they know you can see that they saw it.

#2. They like your posts.

Liking your posts is another simple way to get your attention and connect with you from a safe distance without actually connecting directly via texting or calling.

#3. They still talk to your friends or family.

If they still make an effort to interact with your friends or family, it may be a tactic to keep you in their lives in some capacity.


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