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3 Brilliant Ways to Deal with Ghosting

April 12th, 2018

Sometimes relationships come to an abrupt end with limited to no closure. Ghosting can be painful for the parties more invested in the relationship, but it’s a common occurrence in our modern city lifestyles.

3 Brilliant Ways to Deal with Ghosting



Ghosting is a term used to describe the abrupt process of ending a relationship by cutting off, blocking or ignoring the other party with little to no explanation as to why. If you’re being ghosted by someone you care about, here are three steps to help you feel better.

1. Acceptance.

If you’ve tried to contact them via text, phone and social media and your messages have been read but ignored for a few days, accept that you’re being ghosted. Try not to place blame on yourself. It’s the other person’s inability to communicate effectively, not you. If your ghost is active on social media and has read your messages, they are choosing not to contact you. Let the universe work. Focus your time and energy on activities that make you happy.

2. No stalking.

Resist the urge to keep trying to contact them, visit places you’re likely to run into them, or stalk their social media pages. Obsessing over them gives them the power over your happiness and state of mind. Detach and focus on yourself.

3. Understand ghosting.

People ghost when they want to avoid confrontation or conflict; either when your energies are repelling each other, so they’re trying to let things calm down before contacting you, or they don’t dare to tell you that the relationship is over. Take this silence as time away from them to understand why this happened. If there is no logical reason, they likely just weren’t that into you and moved on. Their behavior is no reflection on you. Another reason why people ghost is if they’re confused about how they feel about you. Let them be in their feelings; they’ll contact you if and when they’re ready to talk. The best thing you can do is remain calm and don’t send any angry messages or post subliminal messages on social media.

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