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Three Reasons Why You're Feeling Off

Feeling off? Listen, it happens! Sometimes, we feel off, unhappy, or just plain tired. Life can be hard and it gets to you. It's important that you recognize what your feeling before it brings you down! I was going through YouTube when I came across Brendon Burchard's video called "When You Feel Horrible (Tired, Bored, Sad)." In it, he identifies why you're feeling the way you do and solutions to help you feel better.

Fatigue- There are times where we just don't take care of ourselves. When we're busy or always on the go, we find that life has a way of catching up with us. If this sounds familiar, take your eight hours and get the rest you need in order to be at 100%. I know that sometimes we think that hustle culture is all about staying up late and working until your knuckles bleed but you also need time for a little self-care.

Reaction- Maybe you're feeling off because of a delayed reaction. Did someone cut you off this morning? Are you still a little peeved about it? That's okay! Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. It's how you bounce back that matters.

Ruminating- Did you have an unpleasant conversation with a friend that left you feeling disappointed? You're annoyed and that annoyance doesn't seem to go away. Or maybe you have a problem and you keep harping on the issue. In need of a solution? Brendan Burchard can help! Watch the video below for more.

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