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Make Your Skin Look Luminous on #NoMakeupMonday

The new trend is luminous fresh looking skin. Gone are the days of heavy contour and baking. Expect lots of #NoMakeupMonday selfies this spring. This is great for skin care because your skin needs a break from makeup! Your skin actually absorbs everything you put on your face. So, even though you're just trying to cover up your under-eye circles, wearing makeup day after day may be harming your skin. It's time for a break while letting your own skin shine through. Read to make your skin look luminous on #NoMakeupMonday.

Drink Water- Staying hydrated is a no brainer when it comes to having great skin. Drink lots of water the Sunday before you fall asleep and wake up with already fresh looking skin. Keep hydrated throughout the day for a glow from the inside out. I like drinking from an insulated glass because it keeps my water nice and cold for hours.

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Exfoliate- When you wash your face in the morning, be sure to exfoliate. Get those dead skin cells out of there to reveal fresh, younger-looking skin while also giving you the look of refined pores.

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Tone- To combat acne, use a toner that has skin cleansing properties. It doesn't hurt to double cleanse in order to remove impurities and reveal healthy-looking skin.

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Moisturize- Finally, you want to apply your favorite moisturizer to give your skin hydration from the outside. Brighten skin for a smoother complexion. My favorite product for #NoMakeupMonday is our Matte Moisturizer because it gives the skin what it needs without looking oily.

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