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Tony Robbins: 3 Ways to Unleash the Power Within

tony robbins

The most successful leaders in the world never cease to seek inspiration from others and continue self-development. Tony Robbins is one of the more well-known inspirational leaders of this decade. But what does it mean to unleash the power within? Read on to discover a few tips to unleash your inner power instantly.

1. Maintain a Peak State

A peak state describes when you are in an energized mood and think the most clearly, which is typically after a gym class. Tony Robbins believes we can train ourselves to activate peak state via motion by taking a few deep breaths, heading out for a walk, or doing twenty starjumps. Focus on what you need to get done, and center on using positive language so that your mindset follows.

2. Proximity is Power

I'm always repeating in my speeches how essential it is to check your circle and be mindful of who you spend your time with because it will make you or break you. Eliminate anyone toxic. Make sure everyone around you is supportive and focused like you, or emulates the person you want to become.

3. Give Gratitude

Remember when I told everyone in my MAIC 2019 speech to put their hands over their hearts and feel their purpose? Tony Robbins believes in the power of gratitude too. Place your hand over your heart and visualize the three life moments you're most grateful for to date. Practice both of these actions every morning, and you'll invite more happiness into your life.

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