MAIC 2019: How to Operate from a Position of Belief

If you were at MAIC 2019, then you heard my speech! I wanted to be clear on a few things. In order to be a success, you have to operate from a position of total and complete belief. That means you have to believe in yourself without a doubt. You have to build your business like you're building yourself up. It takes work, dedication, and time. Read on for more!

Accept Your Current Position- If you're coming from a difficult place right now, that's okay. Life is a mixed bag, and you're going to have to take what you can get. Right now, even if things are great I want you to take a moment to accept this. Here is where you are in life. Evaluate what's true.

Recognize Past Success- You've overcome something in this life to get to where you are now. You've had to. You've probably come a long way, and you've probably done things that no one thought you could do. Consider that, journal about it. Move from a place of self-love. Doing this, you'll regain a sense of trust in yourself.

Don't Let Fear Stop You- Fear is a lie. I believe that every negative thing that goes through your head is a lie. It's time to stop believing the lie. Train yourself to the point where you can easily deflect fear or negative energy. Train yourself to recognize the feeling and push through it. That's how you grow.