Things To Do As An Early Riser

There’s a lot to be said for making a commitment to being an early riser. Whether getting out of bed before the sun comes naturally to you or if it’s a challenge like no other, you won’t regret having those early hours of the day. When you rise early, before everyone else in the house, it’s quiet and peaceful – a great time to get things done or simply have a private moment of serenity. Many of the world’s most successful people rely on those early hours for productive time and a way to get energized for the rest of the day. If you wish you could roll out of bed with the crack of dawn crew, check out this list of all the things you can do as an early riser to kick your get-out-of-bed motivation into full gear. What are you waiting for?

  1. Make a plan for the day. Feel like you have too much to do to get organized each day? Your newfound extra time in the wee hours of the morning means having a chance to make a big old to do list every day.
  2. Make meditation your new early morning routine. Always wanted to bring the elements of meditation into your life, but never have time? The peaceful early hours provide the perfect, serene setting.
  3. Take the dog to the park. Could your sweet puppy use a little extra love? How about grabbing a cup of coffee and a tennis ball and heading out to play with your best bud.
  4. Head to the gym! Feel like you always talk about going to the gym, but you never actually make it there? Getting up early means there’s enough time in your day to hightail it to a spinning class or hop in the pool to start your day with some laps.
  5. Get dinner ready and make for an easy evening. Morning is the perfect time to prep that evening meal that will feel like such a chore after a long day. Throw it all in the crock pot and the whole family will be thrilled.
  6. Read a book or the paper. Having time to sit and read the paper, a magazine or even a book doesn’t come often, so why not start your day sitting quietly, enjoying a coffee and getting some good reading in?
  7. Go for a run. Some early a.m. fresh air is just the ticket to starting your day on the right foot. Watch the sun come up and get that invigorating start you’re looking for.
  8. Get some household chores done! What a great time to knock out some laundry or even clean the bathroom. You’ll be thrilled when you can relax at the end of a long work day rather than doing chores to keep the house in order.
  9. Enjoy some quiet moments alone. Pour a cup of hot tea and spend a few minutes simply gathering your thoughts.
  10. Bake something! Your family will be all smiles if they wake up to the scent of fresh cinnamon rolls or muffins – what a great surprise!

What do you think? Can you incorporate some of these early morning activities into your pre-sunrise routine?




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