6 Useful & Inspiring Podcasts

6 Useful & Inspiring Podcasts

If there’s one thing I’d recommend adding to your little bits of time throughout the day, it’s a podcast. Listening to a podcast turns those minutes while you’re getting ready for your day, or that time on your long commute into an opportunity to learn, grow, be inspired – or, at the very least, be entertained. There are a ton of podcasts available for any topic, interest, or group. But I’ve set aside these 6 as my picks for both inspiring and useful content. Download a few and see which ones get you going.

6 Useful & Inspiring Podcasts

6 Useful & Inspiring Podcasts

1. The Daily BoostFor daily motivation, start your day with Daily Boost and find what makes you happy.

2. TEDTalks: Ideas Worth SpreadingListen to some of the world’s top leaders and thinkers as they share their best ideas at TED conferences and events.

3. Stuff Mom Never Told YouCristen and Caroline discuss topics that are poignant, controversial, funny, entertaining, and pretty much everything in between. Mostly, they talk women.

4. LifehackerFor those useful bits of information that will make your life a little easier, there’s Lifehacker. Don’t you wish you’d thought of that?

5. Gabrielle Bernstein: A Hip Guide to HappinessGabby is a spiritual thinker for modern times that helps her listeners explore the concepts of God, Love, and Miracles, among other related topics.

6. Glambition Radio by Ali BrownAli Brown interviews today’s top women entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business builders.

Do you have any favorite podcasts? I’d love to know what you’re listening to these days. Leave your favorites in the comments!



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