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Sensitive Souls: How to Stop Taking Everything to Heart

sensitive souls

Sensitive souls are beautiful beings, but are typically hypersensitive, feel everything deeply, and take everything to heart. Sound familiar? Here are a few ways to help retrain your mind to stop taking everything to heart.

Sensitive Souls: How to Stop Taking Everything to Heart

sensitive souls

#1. Work on your self-worth.

Once you achieve a strong sense of self-worth, the opinions and actions of others won't immediately summon your hypersensitive side and cause you to question what you may have done wrong to instigate such treatment.

#2. Know your triggers.

All of us have emotional triggers learned from our past. When you feel someone's words or actions hit a nerve, ask yourself if the situation really warrants being upset, or if they just happened to nudge one of your emotional triggers?

#3. Love yourself authentically.

2018 is all about being authentically and unapologetically you. Let go of any thoughts that you need to be someone else for people to like you or love you. You are exactly who you are supposed to be. Once you fully embrace yourself, you'll be overflowing with self-worth, confidence, and happiness.

#4. Let go of perfectionism.

Another typical personality trait of sensitive souls is perfectionism. There is no such thing as perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Own them, learn from them, and move on.

#5. Say no sometimes.

Sensitive souls are often happy to offer their help and support. Learn when to say no. Sometimes we all need time to focus on ourselves and our needs. Giving all your time away to others results in hurt feelings when you don't receive the same in return.

#6. Live without expectations.

Showering others with kindness doesn't mean they'll be kind back. Once you learn to let go of such expectations, you'll take it less pe3rsonally when others don't reciprocate.