New Product: Motives Gem Sparkles

New Product: Motives Gem Sparkles | Loren's World

There were so many exciting product launches at MAWC 2016, with some very exciting collaborations for Motives (you can see the full list here). But one of the collaborations I feel will be a year-round must-have is the Motives Gem Sparkles developed with Motives Maven Aurora. These sparkles can be used as a highlighter, on the inner corner of the eye, on the lid for major impact (like Lady Gaga’s recent Super Bowl look), on the lips for a flirty spin – the list goes on. Inspired by gems, the Gem Sparkles come in three colors: Zirconia, Morganite, and Citrine. And they certainly sparkle just as brightly.

Motives Gem Sparkles

To get the most out of this look, and to make the sparkles stand out, it all begins with a great base. Back in October, Aurora gave us some of her essential beauty tips in creating the perfect base for any eye look, so be sure to read that over in this post for easy step-by-step tips on how to start with a smooth and durable base for those gorgeously glittery Gem Sparkles. Finish off with some dramatic liner (like the Motives Gel Liner in Little Black Dress to really make the Motives Gem Sparkles pop.


Watch as Aurora tells us more about the inspiration behind Motives Gem Sparkles:



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