Makeup Trends That Are Over in 2020

Makeup Trends That Are Over in 2020

We’re well into 2020 so I wanted to visit beauty trends that are major right now along with trends that are totally out. In the past few years, we’ve seen the beauty industry skyrocket but things are changing and that means beauty is changing. Read on for trends that are over in 2020 and find out what’s coming back into fashion in the new year!

Makeup Trends That Are Over in 2020

Snatched Brows- Perfected brows are out! Instead, we’re going for natural brows. Use a simple brow pencil to fill in your brows and give you that less is more look.

Full Coverage Foundation- Super matte full coverage foundation is starting to feel heavy and over-the-top. Instead, we’re leaning towards minimal makeup so light dewy foundation is what women are wearing now. Let your natural skin come through. With the body positive revolution, women are accepting their imperfections in 2020.

Heavy Highlighter- We were all about the glow for a while but instead of creating a glow, we were walking around with high beams on our cheeks. Don’t over-do it with your highlighter in 2020. Aim for a glow from within look this year by using a light dusting of highlighter.

Cut crease- The cut crease was huge last year. We defined the eyes with a strong dark crease color and used a lighter color on the lids. You can still rock this look, but women are looking to accentuate their natural beauty now. A wash of color all over the lids and minimal makeup are what it’s all about in 2020.

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