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What it Takes to Change Your Inner Monologue

What it Takes to Change Your Inner Monologue

Is what you believe actually true? I want you to take a look at your life. Are you waking up feeling happy and excited for life, or are you waking up with the same inner monologue going through your head? Does it say “I’m excited for my day,” or is it saying “woe is me, another workday, my life is miserable.” What you think has a lot to do with the way you feel and the way your life is going.

What it Takes to Change Your Inner Monologue

We have already taught you how to reprogram your brain, now it’s time to change your inner monologue. It has a lot to do with the life you lead. Learn a new language and let it go beyond being positive. You need a mindset change—and it’s going to be major.

I want you to start in the morning. Instead of feeling bad every time you wake up, and feeling annoyed that you have to crawl out of your bed, change your inner monologue. Affirm that you’re excited about your day. Tell the universe different positive affirmations until you believe them. My personal favorite is “today is full of opportunities.”

Here’s the truth. You don’t know what’s going to happen. Assuming that it’s going to be terrible already puts a cloud over the day. Choosing a positive inner monologue can change the way you see how your day is going to turn out. When you feel your mood change toward the negative, try your best to bring yourself back to positivity. It takes time but you can do it!

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