Loneliness is Bad for Your Health and Here’s Why

Feeling lonely? It happens to all of us. In life, there are so many changes. Sometimes, you have a great relationship with a significant other or a tight knit group of friends whom you love. That’s great! You feel great. Yet, sometimes relationships end and friends move or get married. Things aren’t the way they once were so you start feeling lonely. It happens and, sometimes, that’s how life works.

Those lonely feelings may be normal, but they’re actually making you sick. We’re social beings! We can’t be cooped up on our own all the time. It makes sense that being lonely could be physically harmful. Below are three health risks to feeling lonely and ways to combat that loneliness.


Being Lonely Affects Your Immune System- Yup, it’s true. Being lonely lowers your immune system. You’re more susceptible to sickness when you feel lonely and it’s more difficult to fight those sicknesses when they come. Your body is more vulnerable, leaving you feeling icky.

What you can do: In order to combat loneliness and prevent sickness, remind yourself that loneliness is a feeling rather than a fact. Just because you’re feeling lonely right now, doesn’t mean that it’s something you have to feel for the rest of your life.

You’re More Likely to Feel Stressed- According to a study, people with larger social circles feel less stressed than those with smaller ones, which makes sense. When you feel like you have a good support system, it’s difficult to feel lonely or lonesome. I should know. I’m luck to have a large group of people that make me feel loved. When you don’t have that, stress can take over your life and it’s frustrating.

What you can do: Let go of stressful feelings by reaching out to people. Healthy interactions are important so reach out to friends or family members you can trust. It could change the way you deal with stress and loneliness.

You Might Die Early- I know it sounds intense, but if you feel lonely, more often than not, there may be a chance you could die early. Lonely people tend to feel a little more helpless than others. A study conducted in 2010 revealed that people who felt lonely for an extended period of time had serious health problems and were 14% more likely to die young.

What you can do: Take notice of your thoughts. Because you’re feeling lonely, it’s easy to assume that you’re a loser or an outcast who can’t be loved. This is false. You are worthy of love, which is why it’s important to notice those negative and deflating thoughts.



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