Keeping it Healthy When You’re Dining Out


If you’re like me (and SO many women out there), you do a pretty good job of sticking to a healthy diet and making good food choices. But sometimes, when it’s time for a night out, restaurants make it tough to stick to your healthy eating plan. The portions are huge. The selection is limited. And, your go-to greens are missing from the menu all together. Well, believe it or not, you can go out on the town and still stick to your plan – check out these tips for keeping it healthy when you’re dining out!


Keeping it Healthy When You’re Dining Out

  1. Start your meal with a salad – the greens will help fill you up before you have an entrée.
  2. Move half of your entrée to the other side of your plate – consciously make the decision to eat half and take the rest home.
  3. When you feel like you’ve eaten enough, stop. Engage in conversation or if you’re dining alone, catch up on the daily news on your phone. If you’re still hungry after a few minutes, have another bite or two.
  4. When you start to feel full, pass the rest of your entrée over to your man – guys have crazy fast metabolisms and appetites!
  5. Try sharing an entrée. Many of your friends are in the same boat – trying to eat healthy and keep portion size under control.

How about you? Got any tips you’d like to share for keeping it healthy when you’re dining out?



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