Entrepreneurs: How to Have Success with Live Tweeting


You’ve probably noticed that tweeting has taken on a whole new level of relevancy as it’s become the second screen experience when watching TV, at live events like concerts, political events, award shows and the list goes on. If you’ve seen this out there and you’re wondering if it’s something you can incorporate in your own social media strategy – you can! Whether you’re hosting your own event or your business is part of a larger scale event, making live tweeting a part of your program is a great idea. Check out these tips for finding success with live tweeting.


Entrepreneurs: How to Have Success with Live Tweeting

  • Engage with the other live tweeters.
  • Promote the live tweets across your other social media channels.
  • Make live tweeting a regular part of your social media plan.
  • Be sure to utilize relevant hashtags.
  • Use photos and video to make followers feel like they are part of the event.

Have you had success with live tweeting?



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