Gel Manicures: Are They Safe?

The Lowdown on Gel Manicures

I love a good manicure and pedicure. Who doesn’t? Relaxing at the salon, being pampered and having gorgeous nails is a total treat! I have often wondered if there is a type of manicures out there that will last a little longer than regular polish. When I heard about gel manicures, I was definitely intrigued! A gel manicure is said to last two-three weeks with no chipping. Sounds like a dream! Even though it sounds incredible, I did want to know the truth about gel manicures, are they safe?

Gel Manicures: Are They Safe?


There is ultraviolet light involved in the application of a gel manicure. The light is used at the end of the process to set the polish and really bake it on. Getting gel manicures on a frequent basis would mean exposure to UV rays on your hands and fingers. Solution: apply a little sunscreen to your hands and fingertips before heading in for your gel manicure. You can also find a technician who uses LED lights to set the polish as an alternative.

Gel nail polish often contains a chemical called methyl acrylate. This type of chemical has been known to cause skin rashes on some people.

Removing a gel manicure is a bit more in depth than regular polish. Your nails will have to be wrapped and soaked in acetone, which can cause extreme dryness to the nails. Using moisturizer frequently can help with the drying.

Check the ingredients on the gel nail polish used at your salon. Some gel polishes contain a chemical called butylated hydroxyanisol, also known as BHA. This chemical has been reported to cause cancer in some cases. But not all gel polishes contain this ingredient, so check the label!

Now that you know the truth about gel manicures, will you still make the switch?



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